We Accept Payments Using The Following Methods


Pay to this Bitcoin Wallet Address;


You can get Bitcoins from the following options;





Western Union


worldremit.com (Cash Pickup alternative)

The most effective method to arrange

Hit us up with the accompanying subtleties

  • What currency you need……..?
  • How much you need…….?
  • In what denominations you want the bills (5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 100’s) ……..?
  • Receivers name ……..?
  • Delivery address ……..?
  • Contact number ……..?
  • Email Address …..?

What’s next?

When we get your details as requested above, You’ll need to proceed with your payment order. We’ll proceed with the processing of your order.

Once that is done, the order will be registered to your address and a tracking number will be given to you, so you can monitor your package as it gets to you.

Transportation & Delivery

Delivery of your order will take two days max within USA, three to five days max out of USA, depending on your location or less. We will likewise send you details about your order so that every once in a while you can be keeping an eye on the status of your order.

We deliver with DHL, USPS, LS, UPS, EMS. In case of quick and express transportation within 24 hour for clients in USA and CANADA, you will need to pay an extra $50.

We’ll do our best to make sure all our clients are well satisfied to the fullest, so we can build a good business relationship and consequently  do bigger business in the days ahead.



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