Cleaning Black Money. We are the ultimate SSD Solution manufacturer, we are placed in in Johannesburg. We believe in quality chemicals and we live to our confidence, with a thirty day return policy on a lifetime quality guarantee. Show us our competition, we show you what quality is.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO Our Motto has always been “there is no recovery for quality”.

We Serve the following industries security and good industries, as our company is still growing we do cater for individuals and small companies please note that some products needs special licensing. Cleaning Black Money

Black Coated Money (black Dollar)
We do test of black coated money, bank stained notes in any currency, deformed money and we do a quality check. We also sell self test kits upon placing a successful order we may relay a self test kit but we recommend site testing where a technician comes through to test it with you and direct you on how to get best result and on safety requirement.
We manufacture SSD Solution, Vectrol Paste, Humane powder, Castrox oxide HQ45, Zuta S4 Please visit our products page for more information on these products

Site Test Kit
Site test kit consist of pattern amounts of each chemical and a quotation chart that shows the state of the black coated money and the recommended chemical mixture. It is designed to be user friendly and easy to find out.
It is excellent to test and clean bank stained notes and black coated notes or what its often called black dollar, be it euros or other currency.
If you want to know how to clean black dollar this is a excellent start and answer.

SSD Solution

Can be found in three particular forms SSD Solution, SSD Supreme Solution , SSD Ultimate Solution. Where SSd Solution has to be mixed with different chemical componds depending on the result sort

SSD Supreme Solution contains Vectrol paste and humine powder, in the action you mix the chemicals it will cause combustion or flames. at times blast so carefully follow instruction that come with the chemical in question. Cleaning Black Money

SSD Ultimate Solution contains castox and humine powder. AS declared depending on the result quality you may use ssd solution seperately as it turns out cheaper or use the ssd ultimate solution as a safer reliable alternative. Cleaning Black Money


All denominations available
Available currencies : Eur, USD, Dinar, GBP, INR, CAD, AUD. message with order.

My counterfeit carries holograms and watermarks and passes light detector test. Shipping worldwide and delivery
is at your home with no interference of customs


Offer worth $40,000 worth of cf bills
All denominations available


– Pass all test
uv + pen
– Features all holograms
casino use.
– Aged and ready to use
usd – euro – pounds – aud – rand – all other dollars
drop message for big drops

picture proof available

Due to these unprecedented times the future is uncertain,
We want to be crystal clear with customers and keep you informed on how it affects you with your orders.
So far orders have been going out fine, but are subject to potential further governmental lockdowns.
We would advise to get your orders in as early as you can.

PostNL – We are to all expect severe delays for all mail.
Thanks all for your understanding patience.

Hello Everyone,

I am Hezbollah an old school forger from Lebanon.
I offer you my best counterfeit notes in incredible prices!

I do my best to give you the best service i am able to, so if there are any problems, feel free to contact me via pm and I will answer as soon as possible.


* 100’s USD 2006 series
* 100’s USD 2009 series
* 50’s USD 2013 series

Sending out two times a week, Monday and Thursday, so orders can be made until 12 pm the day before
All orders have a track.

*Finalize Early*
No need to FE, you finalize when you get your order.
But please do it contemporary.

I offer 50% refund or 100 % reship for customers with good stats.
But I reserve the right to give 0% if the customer looks like a scammer and depend on tracking status
Also everyone who tries to scam me is instantly black listed in the Vendor board

Q. Give me a sample
A. I don’t send a sample. Minimal order is 10 bills.

Q. I need express shipping
A. No express by security reasons

Q. Does the bill have the same feel as a real bill?
A. Yes

Q. How long do you think it takes to ship to the states?
A. About 2-3 weeks

You can find me on Dread and you can rate, review, discuss my listing.

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